Space Maintainers for Children

When children lose baby teeth sooner than they should, using space maintainers can be used to ensure spacing is maintained between teeth. This is so that when permanent teeth emerge, they are straight. Space maintainers can be made of everything from metal to acrylic as well as other materials. The main focus of this dental appliance is to make sure that teeth do not move when one or more baby teeth have gone missing prematurely. 

Keeping Proper Spacing Between Teeth 
space maintainers for children

Keeping teeth in the right position is always the main goal of using space maintainers. Absent space maintainers, emerging teeth could come in crooked while existing teeth could also shift and move. By keeping proper spacing between teeth, children will grow up with straight and attractive teeth as well as a beautiful smile. Different types of maintainers are used in different ways. For example, some can be temporary in nature while others are cemented permanently to surrounding teeth. Either way, achieving the goal of keeping teeth straight and growing in normally is always very important. 

Crown and Loop 

There are the space maintainers known as unilateral. This type of appliance is designed to keep proper spacing for a single missing tooth. One side is secured around a tooth, so it does not shift while the other side incorporates a metal loop to keep proper spacing. In addition, something known as a crown and loop is a type of space maintainer that is similar to a unilateral one except that it uses a metal loop that is attached to a crown. There is also a distal shoe maintainer that is intended to address the same issue but with molars. 

Useful in The Case Where There Are Multiple Missing Teeth 

Finally, the lingual space maintainer is a device that is highly useful in the case where there are multiple missing teeth. This is especially true when these teeth are missing at the front of the mouth. The lingual space maintainer is attached to molars on either side of the mouth to create a firm placement. With so much to offer it is clear to see why space maintainers are so important in today’s modern pediatric dentistry. Contact your Petaluma dentist, Dr. Amir Hosseini, at Petaluma Braces and Family Dentistry, today for more information on space maintainers for children. 

How to Properly Brush and Floss

Do Sealants Prevent Teeth from Decaying

This is a frequently asked question especially by parents with young children. The good news is that dental sealants prevent teeth from decaying. However, it is crucial to note that even with dental sealants applied, it is still important to follow personal hygiene with regard to brushing and flossing and eating the right kinds of foods. In other words, sealants are not a solve all that allows people to forgo brushing and flossing. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a good home dental health program. Parents should teach their children to practice good brushing and flossing techniques.

Almost Exclusively Applied to The Chewing Surface

Dental sealants are easy to apply, affordable and can last for many years. However, there are many cases where after several years the sealant should be reapplied. One of the most important aspects of dental sealants is that they are almost exclusively applied to the chewing surface of molars and larger back teeth. This is because the intent is to prevent bacteria and small particles of food from becoming trapped within the curves, grooves and cracks of the cusps of the larger back teeth.

Cost-Effective Way of Taking Preventative Measures
Cost-Effective Way of Taking Preventative Measures

The good news is that once dental sealants are applied, the end result can be a greatly reduced probability of having dental cavities develop. The sealant works to repel and resist bacteria and other damaging elements that can have a bad effect on teeth. With so much to offer it is clear to see why more parents than ever before are turning to dental sealants as a way to protect their children from cavities later on in life. Even adults are looking to dental sealants as a way to improve overall dental health. It’s a smart and cost-effective way of taking preventative measures to protect your teeth going forward.

The Decision-Making Process

Asking the simple question, do dental sealant treatments prevent tooth decay, is easy to answer in that they clearly do make a difference. Consulting with your dentist is the first step in determining if dental type sealant will help you or your children in terms of improved oral health. Involving children in the decision-making process is a great way to help them understand good dental health and oral care. Pediatric dentists are particularly well-trained in working with children when it comes to providing good dental care. Talk with your Petaluma dentist, Dr. Amir Hosseini at Petaluma Braces and Family Dentistry for more information about sealants and how sealants prevent teeth from decaying.

Pediatric Dentistry: How a Pediatric Dentist Deals with Kids and Adolescents

Pediatric Dentistry: How a Pediatric Dentist Deals with Kids and Adolescents

Pediatric care in terms of dentistry could very well possibly be one of the most important types of dentistry in practice today. This is simply due to the fact that early dental care and dental education will determine overall dental health for the entire life of an individual. That said nothing can be more important than proper pediatric dentistry and dental care. Working with a trusted and reliable pediatric dentist is the best way to make sure that your young children and adolescents receive the best dental care available. 

An Office That is Conducive to Accommodating Young Children
An Office That is Conducive to Accommodating Young Children

With pediatric dentistry, children can enjoy the highest quality of dental care. Most importantly, parents must choose a dentist that specializes in pediatric care. This dentist will typically have an office that is conducive to accommodating young children who have fears and anxieties associated with dental treatment. The office environment may have fish tanks, cartoon characters on the walls or even ceilings painted as a way to intrigue children and make them interested in the whole experience. Parents should visit with a few different pediatric dental care providers to find the one that suits their needs the best. 

When A Child is at Ease and Relaxed 

Equally important is to make sure that children understand exactly what is involved with a particular dental treatment. Parents can explain the details of how and why a cavity is filled, while the dental care provider can add further to the discussion. By involving children in all the details of a dental treatment, they are more likely to be relaxed and at ease. Most importantly, when a child is at ease and relaxed, the dentist is able to perform a dental treatment in a much more accurate way. Parents can plan to stay in the treatment room while treatment is being performed. 

Best Dental Care
Best Dental Care 

This is another way to put children at ease so that they do not experience excessive anxiety during dental treatment. Pediatric dentistry and how a pediatric dentist deals with kids and adolescents can make a big difference in a child’s overall dental health and well-being. Consider these simple yet important topics when it comes to providing your young children and adolescents with the best dental care that they can possibly receive. Parents should also strive to teach children how to maintain good dental hygiene and oral care while at home. Contact your Petaluma dentists, Amir Hosseini, DDS, Azadeh Hosseini, DDS, and Ghazal Hosseini, DDS at Petaluma Braces & Family Dentistry today to learn more about pediatric dentistry. 

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